Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Montage Ocean View" ©

Day 3 John Cosby Workshop - Today Cosby discussed aireal perspective and using color rather then value to describe a form. To give us the visual tool Cosby demonstrated a "glare" painting. He painted looking right into the sun, standing to the side of his easel, so that we could see each step. Because of the glare the distant bluffs stepped back in the distance clearly allowing Cosby to really play up on the aireal perspective. John Cosby is constantly talking, allowing us to hear his thought process in making each decision. Watching his brush work today was thrilling. Cosby would lay the filbert down, then roll the brush, pulling gently creating the most beautiful strokes of lemon white, that told the story of the glare. One of the most interesting lessons was Cosby's discussion on artists using camera images to paint from vs. painting from life. He explained that the camera has one lense, humans have two. People don't really see what is in our peripheral vision, unlike the camera. If we paint as people see, the painting will be stronger. After Cosby finished his morning demonstration we all set up and painted from the cliff in front of the Montage Hotel, until the sun set in the Pacific Ocean, another day in paradise.
Oil on Linen panel, 11" X 14"

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